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Challenge 1: Results!

Sorry guys; I finally got enough votes and got real life off my back. If anybody used their icons elsewhere, I'm not gonna demerit. I can't blame them. ._.

Anyways, your results are...

(Also, I totally screwed up on the point rule; first place votes get 3 points, 2nd get 2, and 3rd get 1. xD)
RESULTS! :DCollapse )

So, I'm going to make banners and have them up soon... and then I'm sadly going to have to say I'm closing this group after only one contest. We got no entrants for the nest one, and getting enough votes for this one took a lot of time and begging, and these days I just don't have the time to deal with that and keep the group on track. People said they would be interested and I guess that was fleeting, as is with a lot of movie fandoms. It's normal. Oh well. :(

Still, thank you do everybody who participated in this challenge! These icons were beautiful and I'm glad I held it, even if it was the group's only song. :)


REMINDERS: Voting and C2!

Challenge 2 ends in 2 days and we have no entries yet. Please submit!

Also, I'm sorry for forgetting to put a voting deadline on Challenge 1 voting. I was tired when I put it up. I'd like to say "voting can be done now!" but we only have had one vote, so I'm going to extend it through Sunday and see what happens.

Guys? This comm can't live without participation. 8(


Challenge 2: Movie Posters!

It's time for our second challenge!

In Theaters December 11thCollapse )


Challenge 1: Voting!

Our first challenge is CLOSED, and we have some beautiful icons with a lot of variety! Thank you to everybody who entered! ^^

Favorite icons will get 2 points. Second favorites will get 1 point. Most points wins! Contestants, please do not vote.

To vote, please comment with your first, second, and third favorite icons, in order or preference. All comments will be screened.

Vote!Collapse )


Challenge 1 Reminder

Challenge 1: Anything Goes ends in a little less than 24 hours! If you've been wanting to enter some icons and haven't yet, now's the time! 8)


Challenge 1 Extended

Haha, here I was rambling about other people getting busy and I get caught up in life myself! I'm sorry guys. xD;

Anyways, I'd like to see a few more entries in challenge 1, so I am going to extend it to Saturday, January 23rd, 11:59 PST and then we shall commence voting.

Sorry again guys. xD;;;


REMINDER: Challenge 1

Challenge 1: Anything Goes ends in about 2 days! I'm starting to think I was right on my initial guess that this first round will need an extension, but you never know. It's all good either way. ^^


Challenge 1: Anything Goes!

Welcome everybody to the brand new PATF icontest community! If you did not see the warning yet, please be aware that this community will contain spoilers for the movie!

Alright! In celebration of our grand opening, we are going to start with a free for all! Any PATF themed icon may be submitted for this challenge as long as it abides by the guidelines. (Read um!)

However, I know for some people a lack of guidelines is harming instead of helping, so if you need a little more structure, comment and I'll reply with a randomly selected character for you to include in your icon. :)

The initial deadline shall be Tuesday, December 28th, 11:59 PST. However, I know we're in that time of year with the busyness, so I'm more than willing to do a nice long extension if we need one. I'm just curious to see how it goes this way. Worth a shot. ;)

To submit, please comment on this entry with your icon and its URL. Comments will be screened. You may submit up to 4 icons for this contest.

When you submit, if you do not wish to have your icon nominated @ wd_awards  if it wins, please let me know!

There are currently 11 submissions by 3 members.


Challenge Suggestions!

Have an idea for a challenge? Suggest it here!


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