The Princess and the Frog Icontest

Icons would be nice, yes?

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An icontest dedicated to The Princess and the Frog

Welcome to patf_icontest! Thanks for visiting! This comm will contain spoilers for the movie.

The comm works pretty much like any other icontest comm, with challenges that will go about 2 weeks each unless an extension is needed. The winning icons will get banners. Also, something I have decided for this comm is that the first place icon becomes the comm's default icon until the next set of winners is announced (with credit to the wonderful icon maker, of course!). As well, winners shall be nominated for wd_awards unless a winner requests otherwise.

Enter, vote, and have fun! :D


In general, as long as it fits the challenge theme and LJ icon standards, it's accepted as an entry. Textures and blending are fine, etc. However, we have a few submission rules to make the comm comfy and fun for as many people as possible;

1. Please keep entries PG rated at the highest.

2. Slash pairings are not permitted in entries.

3. Fanart is not permitted in entries.

Icons should be newly made for the challenge, and should not be submitted publicly until winners of said challenge have been announced. You should not reveal which entry is yours or rally friends to go vote you a specific icon. You may not vote in a challenge you entered.

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